Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Two of the coldest niggas in the rap game right now is PROBLEM and his partner in rhyme 
BAD LUCC.  They been do'n their thing for a minute now, reppin' that DIAMOND LANE to the fullest.  Me and the homey Goudda been fuck'n wit'em since they dropped that LIKE WHAAAT video a few years ago.  We expect'n these 2 mu'fuckas to be the next to blow from the WEST.

And just in case u mu'fuckas been sleep'n, check out the mixtape that made me a believer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The say that a dog is a man's best friend.  Well apparently these lil' mu'fuckas didn't get the memo.  Some insurance companies won't even insure your home if u got one of the dogs listed below. 


These mu'fuckas start off cute and cuddly when they little then they turn into savages.  U always hear'n about a Pit Bull attack'n somebody.  

Aggressive and strong as fuck makes them perfect for breeding fighting dogs.

Pits are known for biting kids, old people and even their owner.  Statistics show that more human fatalities have been at the jaws of a Pit Bull more than any other breed.


Friday, July 24, 2015


Came across this series of videos by STREETGANGS.COM.  It's kinda interesting to get inside the minds of the niggas that's actually out there in these streets for real.  I just hope these mu'fuckas can get up out the shit before it's too late.

BECOME A BOSS like JEEZY & YG.  Use the talents and skills u got to get paid LEGALLY.  Two former gang members that based on affiliation shouldn't really be fuckin' with each other but they on some money shit.  I understand what the origins of the LA gangs were but if u ain't on some GET MONEY & take care of ya REAL family shit then u on some str8 sucka type shit. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This mu'fucka RICK ROSS is at it again.  Just heard a wack ass song where Rozay is taking more shots at 50 CENT.  When will these niggas learn?!

Anyway, Ross spit a few bars on PHILTHY RICH's "Wing Stop" remix aimed at 50.  In his verse he says, "50's financial woes, I never speak of them / Years ago, Pimp'n Curly, we know we ethered him".  That shit was hella weak in my opinion.  Could've & should've came harder.

What I don't get is why mu'fuckas is thinking that 50 Cent got money problems.  Yeah, he did file for bankruptcy.  But that's just some slick shit rich mu'fuckas do to avoid pay'n somebody.  Fif recently lost a law suit where he was ordered to pay Ross's baby moms 5 million for releasing a sex tape featuring her.  Dumb move but funny as fuck.  So basically 50 was crying broke so he didn't have to give the chick a lot more paper.  That's smart!!!